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How to Use Your Website to Sell Your Novel

You're done with writing that novel. Finally, it’s time for the money to start rolling in. Ka-ching.

Seven months down the line and…


No money.

No ka-ching.

$100 at the most.

In desperation to make money from your novel, Google becomes your friend. He tells you to use a website to sell your fiction.

A website? A blog?

That's like going on a space trip to Mars. But you don your spacesuit and walk with measured steps into the spaceship, so no-one will see your shaking legs.

You finally arrive at Mars to promote your book with your blog.

The ka-ching doesn't happen.

Worse, your creativity runs further away with each blog post.

You come back to your senses and travel back to Planet Earth. Using your website to make money from your book must be a waste of time, you conclude.

Can your website send buyers constantly to your book? Yes, it can.

But first of all you've got to understand what blogging really is in terms of your novel.

Blogging to sell your novel is…

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