7 Foundations for Tremendous Success as a Christian Writer

Successful female Christian writer looking out

When I was a teenager, I wanted to be famous and rich. I wanted to wield power in the entertainment and writing world.

I wanted to create a tremendously successful life – one where I could nail a large board to the wall, and tick my one hundred and one goals because I had achieved them.

I came across books like 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens, Eat that Frog and The Power of Focus. I read the Bible, and books on Kathryn Khulman and other ministers of God.

Reading them solidified what I wanted.

I bet there are Christian writers who want to have this kind of life.

Maybe you’ve always wanted your name to be mentioned with the likes of C.S. Lewis, Francine Rivers and Ted Dekker. Or you simply want to write for God.

How do you achieve it? How do you position yourself to be the writer God will be proud of?

In the course of reading these books, I found out seven sure ways to build tremendous success as a Christian writer. I noticed that people around me who followed these steps are living beautifully.

So, I implemented some of them and I’m still working on the rest. Here they are:
  1. Be a Christian
  2. Have a strong, definite purpose
  3. Align your mind
  4. Set powerful goals 
  5. Take immediate action
  6. Have intense focus
  7. Be consistent, no matter what

1) Be A Christian

Let CHRIST be your Bedrock

Writing for Christians without being a Christian is like flying a plane without being a pilot.

Have you ever seen someone who doesn’t know how to swim dive into the pool to show a learner how to do the backstroke? No.

The same thing applies to Christian writing.

It's not all about business. It’s about enlightening people and teaching them how to live the life of faith.

This is because Christianity is more than a religion.

It shows us how God loved the world and sent his son, Jesus to save us from sin and its effects. When we believe and confess him as Lord, we have eternal life. We become one with him and showcase his glory.

Then we preach the gospel to everybody.

You’ve got to receive Jesus in your life. You’ve got to accept the eternal life he has freely given to you, and live in the supernatural. That’s the only way you can write to Christians effectively.

Aside from that, being a Christian has lots of benefits. As a Christian, you’re now a new creature filled with glory and beauty, and your life is changed forever.

2) Have A Strong Definite Purpose

Think about all the award-winning writers you know. Each of them is known for a particular thing.

C. S. Lewis is known for writing fantasy fiction.

Francine Rivers is known for Amish fiction.

Ted Dekker is known for his Suspense Thrillers. 

Joyce Meyer is known as a preacher and an author of non-fiction Christian books.

Their lives are filled with purpose, and it should be the same for you. Because a life without purpose is a wasted life.

You should decide what the aim of your writing career is.

Do you continuously see a specific problem in an industry or in different situations? What problem do you want to solve with your writing? What is that thing that makes your heart beat fast in excitement and keeps you awake at night?

Use this to define your writing purpose.

Let's take a look at Moses. Moses wanted to free the Israelites from slavery in Egypt.

Sometimes I wonder if we would have ever heard of Moses if he didn’t fulfill it. I think he would have been a forgotten character serving as fossil in the desert, if he had not confronted Pharaoh and led the Israelites out.

He was already living a mediocre life – an eighty year old unknown, shepherding flock of sheep whose bleating were his companion all day.

But when he listened to God and went to save the Israelites, he started leading people instead of sheep. And his life took an upward turn.

Have a strong, definite purpose.

This purpose can be something God has told you to do. Or it can be a particular thing you want to do in the Christian writing space.

Whichever one it is, God is interested in it. He wants to help you achieve your dream. He wants to seat at the driver’s seat of your life and propel your success.


My writing purpose and life-aim is:

“I have built a Christian writing empire that provides entertainment and helps writers in every nook and cranny of the world.”

This is my purpose and I’m in the process of achieving it.

What’s yours?

Get a writing material and put it down, this minute. If you’re not sure of your purpose, still get a writing material and go through the following steps:

  • Brainstorm and write down problems you want to solve in the Christian writing niche. Write down all the ideas that come to you. Don’t leave anything out.
  • Brainstorm and write down everything you have ever dreamed of doing as a Christian writer.
  • After this, pick out three that resonates with you the most. It could be more or less; follow your intuition. 
  • Combine them to make up one thing or pick the one that resonates with you the most.


A good writing purpose should be:
  1. Spiritually viable
  2. Life-long worthy
  3. Conviction filled
  4. Flexible
  5. Able to create impact

Spiritually Viable:

Is it something that’s okay with God? Is it consistent with his word? Will it help further the gospel? You should pray about it so that the Holy Spirit can guide you.

Life-long worthy:

Do you see yourself doing what you wrote in the next five, ten or twenty years? It should be worth working towards for several years.

Conviction filled:

You should have a conviction or intense desire to work on it.


Be able to achieve it in several ways. For example, in my writing-aim, I can become a fiction author, a blogger or a freelance writer.

Create Impact:

Can it reach out to a lot of people? A million people reading your writing creates more impact than a hundred people reading it.

The more impact you make in this world, the more relevant you become and the more fulfilled you are.

When you’re done with this, pick a niche you’ll start with. It could be online or offline. It could be blogging, e-book creation, copyrighting, fiction, script writing, journalism, self-help, preaching the word or any combination you’ve come up with.

If you’ve not already written or typed this out, go ahead. Write your purpose. It will clear up a lot of things for you.

3) Align Your Mind

Whatever you want to conquer in this world, you must first conquer it in your mind.

The mind is one of the most powerful tools humans possess. With it you can develop a powerful, unstoppable belief system that will enable you achieve anything you want.

All the great men and women who have ever lived aligned their mind to their goals.

Think Florence Nightingale, Thomas Edison, and the Wright Brothers.

Florence Nightingale changed medical care forever. The Wright Brothers built the first successful powered plane. Without believing in what they wanted to do, they would have gone nowhere.

Thoughts are powerful. Proverbs 23v7 says that as a man thinks in his heart, so is he. That's why it's important to align your mind to your purpose.

Channel your thoughts the right way.

Your thoughts shape your environment and your circumstances. It propels you to take action, and can draw the right people or situation to you. So, it's important to have winning thoughts about your writing career.

Proverbs 4v23 puts it in the best way.

Easy English version says, "Be careful how you think. Your thoughts make you the person that you are", while The Living Bible Translation says, "Above all else, guard your affections. For they influence everything else in your life."

So, align your mind to your Christian writing dream. See yourself achieving it.

Create several ways you can become successful within you. And in a little while, your belief will become so strong that it will make you walk through the pathway of success.

Everything is possible to the person who believes.

One way of aligning your mind is through meditation.

How do you do that? Find out what God’s word says about your work. Then spend five to fifteen minutes pondering about it. During that time, let the Holy Spirit guide you on how to improve your career.

After that, speak out what God says about your career. Keep doing this consistently and soon, everyone will note your success.

4) Set Powerful Goals

Powerful Goals CREATE Powerful Realities

Now you have a definite purpose. You’ve decided the direction your writing career is going to take or you’ve worked out a specific problem you want to solve.

What’s the next step?

You need a blueprint or plan to take action.

Imagine a house built without a blueprint. It will be loosely constructed with lots of mistakes. Or imagine a skyscraper built without a plan. I won’t want to step into that building, because I can bet it will collapse one day.

The same principle applies to your writing career. Having a plan is important.

Yeah, I know that being a Christian writer means doing what God wants you to in your career. And he may not reveal where he wants you to be in the next two years.

But God won't leave you in the dark.

He'll tell you what he wants you to do for a specific time period. It could be a period of one month or one year. All you have to do is listen.

And when you know, set powerful goals for that time frame with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

What is a goal?

A GOAL is a blueprint or roadmap that details the specifics of your dream and the process of achieving it.

It’s not just writing down what you want to do. It’s more than that.

A GOAL is writing down your dream with actionable steps that will be achieved within a set time-frame.

It’s important to set goals. It helps you know how to go about creating and building the success that God has planned for you. It helps your Christian writing career move faster.

Alright. Let's do a simple exercise.

Write out one small goal right now that can help you as a Christian writer. For example:
  •  I will write one blog post within the next three days. 
  •  I will write one scene of my novel tomorrow. 
  •  I will google three websites that accept Christian writing and apply as a freelance writer by Thursday.

While setting your goals, make sure they’re within God’s time line. Make sure they’re done with the guidance of the Holy Spirit and you’ll see how he’ll infuse the supernatural in whatever you do.

5) Take Immediate Action

The difference between those who want a successful life and those who have a successful life is that the latter set takes action.

Imagine a scenario of two ladies called Lana and Lizzy. They want to throw a birthday party in May.

Lana plans an elaborate party but she never sends out an invitation or makes any actual arrangement. She keeps postponing what she needs to do. Lizzy plans for the party, makes arrangements and invites people to come on May 14th.

Whose birthday party do you think will hold?

So many people want to achieve great things in life, but only few do so because only few take action.

If you want to be a successful Christian author, take steps to make that come true. Your desire to be a great writer won't magically turn into a reality. You’re responsible for your fate in life.

Planning without doing is for wanna-bes. Faith without action is dead (James 2v20).

There are people who say they believe in God and Jesus, but they haven’t dedicated their lives to him and confessed it. Why? Because they lack faith.

If you really have faith in something, you act on it.

If you’re meant to be a Christian writer and you have faith in God, you take steps towards it.

Maybe you’re wondering how you’ll take care of yourself and your family financially if you go into Christian writing.

God is too big to be asked how. He is your how. If he created the universe and performed miracles, giving you everything you need is a small thing for him.

He can help you make money as a writer. And if you’re not interested in making money through it, he can help you make money another way while you write.

6) Have Intense Focus

The difference between Superstar and Mediocre is INTENSE FOCUS

As a writer, you’re going to receive a lot of blank stares after you tell people what you do. Some people will be trying to help you get a ‘real job’. A lot of things will try to distract you.

In the midst of all this, it’s important to focus. Know that you’re building a God-given career. Give it priority and make it high on your to-do-list.

When you’re starting out, concentrate on your writing niche in the Christian industry. Build it up. When you’ve succeeded tremendously, you can diversify your portfolio.

7) Be Consistent, No Matter What

After reading numerous books as a teenager, I decided to become a writer. But that’s where I stopped.

It took years before I translated my desire into belief. I stopped wanting them only and started seeing myself having them. I set goals and achieved some of them.

However, I have realized that the formula for success is incomplete without one key ingredient.

The key to maintaining a successful writing career is to continuously work towards it.

You become a Christian, create a writing purpose, align your mind to it, set powerful goals, take definite steps towards achieving that particular dream, and have intense focus while doing so.

Then every day, you work towards your goals. You write every day.

I call it the writing workout.

You take that online course and complete it. You continue working on your career until it becomes relevant to more people.

You don’t give up.

Actually, the Bible is a story of God’s consistency in loving mankind.

First of all, he loved Adam and Eve and showed them a way out, even though they disobeyed him and were meant to face the consequences of doing that forever.

Then he started the process of saving the world from sin and its effects. Finally, he brought Jesus - his son to die for us and give us God’s kind of life.

After that, we’re meant to receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and personal savior. We go on to live by the principles of the kingdom of heaven and get others to join the bandwagon.

Till today, God’s process of working on mankind is still on.

Creating tremendous success as a Christian writer is not a – “one day I’ll be rich and famous; so once I get there, I rest”.

It is continuous.

It is a process.

You continue building your success. You move on to higher levels and heights.

You want to learn how to write. You’ve done that, what’s next? You start writing your book.

You wrote a goal to start a Christian writing company. Finally, you build a startup that renders service to publishers, churches and organizations in your town.

You don’t stop there.

Grow it to render service to your state. Then, to your country. Reach out to people online and offline. From there, make it become a multinational and the company known in every continent in the world.

Or maybe you’ve always wanted to be a rich author. You want a million copies of your book to be sold. You’ve achieved your goal of becoming a millionaire. So you think you’ve arrived in the club of the wealthy.


When you achieve your dream, create bigger dreams.

Constantly improve your thriving life and career. Break through the barriers. Achieve a higher status. Become a better writer than you were yesterday.

This is the icing on the cake for creating tremendous success.

Not only can it be applied to Christian writing, you can use it for any other thing. It’s what beautifies your life and ensures that you remain adventurous, healthy and wealthy.

Thomas Edison is known as a great inventor. His first great invention was the phonograph. It recorded and replayed sound.

Imagine if he had stopped after the invention.

What would have happened to the modern light bulb or the electrical grid or his improvements on motion picture? These were his inventions after the phonograph.

He remained great because he continued inventing till his death.

Don’t stop when you achieve your goals. Create higher aspirations and keep working on them.

Be consistent in improving your life.

These seven steps are my roadmap to a great writing career.

I’m on the journey of achieving my dreams as a Christian writer. I’m learning how to take action every day, and I would like you to come along with me.

If you know any extra steps that can be taken, leave a comment below. Or if you've got questions, just ask.