Why I Became A Writer

Writer carrying books

Some people (writer or not) can become whatever they want to be in life but not me. I have a flaring monster inside. It turns on the pleasure when I obey it and switches to withdrawal symptoms when I don’t.

The Monster Called Passion:

Some call this monster - Passion. Some call it a dream. I disagree with all of them.

It’s more than that.

This monster came to me when I was a child.

It was cuddly and little. It showed me the joys of writing. It made me write stories - romance, fantasies, beautiful worlds.

It said I could be whatever I wanted to be as long as I was an author.

I listened. I obeyed. And the monster entered inside me, ate whenever I wrote and became huge.

After university, when I decided to make money first before following my passion, the monster woke up.

It made me dream up short stories and novelettes. The dreams occurred several times  until I realised what was going on. I thought they were mere fantasies.

Then they turned to daydreams. While talking to someone, I’d see my characters acting out my stories.

I ignored them.

I told myself I had few minutes of temporary flashes where I looked lost, because my creativity was on hyperdrive.

I shouldn’t have said that. I should have realised I was already losing control.

Soon, the monster took over every part of my mind. At every turn, I thought I was a failure because I wasn’t a writer. It didn’t matter what I did or how much wealth it promised, I wasn’t an author.

I’d hear a speaker and wonder why I’m not giving talks for my books.

I’d watch an award ceremony and have a nagging feeling that my name could have been in the Writers’ Hall of Fame if I had only given myself the chance.

Worst of all, I’d watch a movie on TV and have an overwhelming sense of sadness. Tears would spring up from my eyes because my name has never been on the closing credits of any movie as a writer.

That is when I knew I had to choose between being an author and being an author.

I know you probably think I was going insane.

To Have Readers:

Well, insanity or not, the other reason I had to become a writer was because of you.

Yes, you.

Writing is done
  • to create worlds,
  • to teach,
  • to inspire and
  • to give enjoyment.

I write so that people can read my work. I write because of you.

I want my stories to become your coffee - for you to read them through the night on your bed while sipping juice.

I want you to enter into the worlds of fantasy I built and savour every moment.

I want you to join me on my journey by reading my blog posts about it.

And if you’re a beginning writer, I hope you will read about my mistakes and not make them. I want you to read about my successes and apply the same formula I did.

This is why I’ll be writing about
  • Fiction
  • My entertainment journey and experiments
  • Learning to write

This is why I started penielic.

I want you to enjoy my work and come along with me. And maybe… just a little maybe… I want to watch TV in peace.

So, this write-up is all about why I became a writer. How about you? Why did you become a writer or why do you want to be an author?

I think everyone’s reason has a unique story behind it.

If you're a Christian writer, there are more reasons why you should write. Let your reasons be your encouragement. Press on and fulfill your calling.

And when you think about the career of writing that lots of people say is a hard path to riches, remember why you’re doing it and hold on strongly.

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