Welcome to Penielic
  • Are you a Christian writer, looking for direction in your career and personal life?
  • Do you want to grow your writing career? 
  • Do you want to hire a believer with a highly-classified spiritual message? 
  • Do you want to hire a genuine writer that will bring people to Jesus, develop Christians and boost traffic?

Then PENIELIC is for you.


I’m Peniel C. I’m a Christian. I'm filled with the Holy Spirit and I speak in tongues. I received Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal savior in 2000.

After that, I joined the choir, wrote drama scripts, articles, prayer points, speeches, confessions, mini-daily devotionals and short stories for churches.

In the process, Penielic was born.

Peniel means face of God. It first appeared in the Bible where Jacob wrestled with the Angel of the Lord and prevailed. He called the place Peniel. His life changed after the encounter and his problem was solved (Gen 32v30).

Penielic is the short form of Peniel-Click. It means that when you come in contact with God, everything clicks. You become the light of God in the midst of darkness, and your content shines through to your world.

Shine, Baby, Shine


Everything we write - novels, articles, web content - is an extension of who we are. It’s a piece of us that lives on forever. And if it is well written, it can impact people for generations to come and change their lives.

No wonder we want our writing to thrive.

This is what I’ll do for you as a professional content and copywriter. I’ll make your writing successful.

I won’t just write articles on the a’s and b’s of writing for God. No. I’ll be your test subject. I’ll try out different styles and patterns in online and offline writing, and show you so that you can:

1) Know the winning trends in Christian writing

There are many questions writers ask in this niche:

  • How do I preach God’s word through my writing medium?
  • How do I stay true to God’s word? 
  • How do I become a successful writer? 
  • What techniques will make my writing stand out? 
  • How do I write a Christian novel and sell massively? 
  • Should I make money from it? 
  • How do I make money from a Christian blog?

As you read my blog posts and follow every stage of this website, you’ll get the answer to all these questions. You’ll find out what works and what doesn’t. Then, you’ll build a thriving career from it.

If you’ve got any other questions, you can contact me and I’ll reply or write a blog post about it.

2) Make your message stand out

In a world with about 2 billion websites, how we present our content is important. Because we're showcasing the gospel and Christian living in our writing, we have to make sure people are drawn to our work.

We want our message to be heard. We want more people to read what we write. We want people to focus on what we've written, even when it has been sidelined.

Be heard, be seen, be noticed. NO MATTER WHAT.

Through my articles, I’ll show you how. And when you do what’s written in it, continuous success will be your reality.

You are important to me. I want to create content for you. So, if you’ve got any questions, want to hire me or read articles tailored to your needs:

  • Contact me here or fill the form at the sidebar
  • Read my ‘work with me’ page, or 
  • Read the articles here

Thank you.