Work With Me

Peniel C


As people who write Christian messages to others, it’s our desire to build them in God’s word and show them how to live a fulfilling life.

The higher the number of people that read and listen to our words, the better. Anyone will prefer an audience of one million to an audience of a hundred.

I'm Peniel C. As a professional Christian content and copywriter, I'll do the following for you:

  1. Grow your audience.
  2. Help you build people who will respond to your message. 
  3. Encourage and help your followers grow in the Christian faith. 
  4. Talk about the gospel with deep theological concepts. 
  5. Create Christian entertainment through your writing or website. 
  6. Create God-centered books that are fun and suitable for children and families.

I have been born again for almost twenty years. I am filled with the Holy Spirit and speak in tongues.

I have also written content in various aspects of the Christian market – devotionals, confessions, prayer points, stories, articles, blog posts, drama scripts, speeches among many others. I offer the following services:

  • Confessions and prayer points
  • Article writing (blog posts, newsletters, messages and offline articles) 
  • Devotionals 
  • Novels and children fiction 
  • Non-fiction (motivational, instructional and biographies) 
  • Theological papers and dissertations 
  • Ghostwriting
You can find some samples of my work below:
- Devotion written for devotableapp
- Articles on this website

If you want to hire me or find out more, simply contact me.